How to Write a Twitter Pitch

You are allowed to pitch twice, per manuscript, during the #LatinxPitch event. See Rules for Writers.

Twitter allows 280 characters per tweet. Your pitch, plus desired hashtags, must fit within this parameter.

All pitches must have #LatinxPitch as part of the 280 characters and at least one category, i.e., PB (Picture Book)

Consider these tips when creating your pitches:

  1. Comparative book titles
  2. Hook the reader in the first few words
  3. Concept, character, and conflict
  4. Personalize the stakes

Here’s a basic formula:

(MC) is/has (Status Quo), but when (Inciting Incident) happens they must (Flawed Solution) or else (Consequence) #LatinxPitch #YA

Tweak and adjust according to your specific manuscript. Create several pitches and find which two you think best describes your book.

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Remember to have fun and make writer friends.